Exciting Products Unveiled at CES 2016

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Exciting Products Unveiled at CES 2016


During the first week of the new year there were many exciting new products revealed at CES 2016 —The Consumer Electronics Show that’s held once a year in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is the year’s biggest technology show. Exciting new products included cars, TVs, and wearables. The products showcased this year included some these should prove to be top sellers for the next eleven months, including many that should prove to be best-sellers at Christmas time. There are also some far-fetched products that never made it out the door, but that’s what makes this show so much fun.


This year consumers got to see high definition televisions, virtual reality equipment, drones, vehicles, and wearable technology. Autos seem to take center stage at the show, so many call it an auto show. The Chevy Bolt is a new electric car that many are eagerly anticipating. It can be driven to a range of 200 miles before needing to be charged up. The VW Microbus may hit markets soon, being a size between a car and the traditional VW van. And most of us have heard about the Google car which apparently needs no driver. BMW is working on a touch interface called AirTouch. Television is always an exciting offering at the show. Samsung offered a TV as part of a smart home where you can control everything from temperature to the security system all through a remote and your TV screen. Smart home stuff was popular at the show. Apple and Google have several products to help us control the gadgets in our home. One of these issues of smart home products is connecting them all together. Samsung, Intel and other manufacturers are working together to see this happen.


Another aspect of the show was wearable devices. The Apple Watch and the Fitbit were popular. VR headsets were popular for games. Some companies are beginning to put tech into clothing such as shirts and jackets, but there is a ways to go before people line up to buy these articles. These items may be built with sensors to discern heart rate, pulse, and more.  Sound technology remains popular, particularly for new headphones for smart phones. High end headphones continue to make money. There remains a need for crystal clear sound that can integrate with telephone calls. Many manufacturers are utilizing Apple’s Lightning connector used to connect headphones/microphone to a smart phone, tablet, or computer.


There will be more types of compact rideables available, including skateboards, scooters, and hover boards that are powered by a rechargeable battery. Designers have improved on the length of time required for a battery charge, and length of time these rides can last. Qualcomm debuted its new drone at the show, which promised to be fully autonomous. Other drones were also constantly buzzing around the show, proving to be one of the hottest gifts around. It will be interesting to see how many items will be released in time for the holidays this December.